Drugs. Sex. Rock and Roll Part 1 – Drugs.

Me a teenager, taken at Mum’s,

There was a lot of talk and rumours about drugs in my youth. Rumours about who the addicts were, about the coppers who never did anything about it, and more specifically, turning a blind eye to who were dealing, about the dealers, and about who partook in drugtaking at parties and dance events. Rumours, most of it probably true.

LSD, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, I heard about, but I was pretty much sheltered from it all. 

I regret accepting a cigarette from Pauline Barnes in my youth, introducing me to an early life of smoking, which was pretty much acceptable in those days. Everyone smoked, even in the office, with smouldering cigarettes lying in ashtrays everywhere. Lucky for me, it was a negative statement from my husband which gave me the mindset to quit quite early in my life. 

I do question what may have happened, if I had encountered hard drugs. I was adamant at the time that I would not get involved in illicit drugs. 

Alcohol, however, was very much a problem to me. 

Going out, boys bought me drinks, I actually cannot remember ever ordering and paying for a drink, without a word of a lie. But often, I would come home late with the room spinning around, throwing up or just passing out in bed. I must have been amazingly good at keeping my state from my mother, who never drank or had any alcohol in the house. But I do recall her complaining about my having had alcohol, and this was just about every weekend. 

Alcohol is ensconced in our society, every function it is available, but I must say how can a meal be enjoyed without a nice glass of wine. We live in a wine region; magnificent wines are available and delicious.

Regrettably there were quite a few people I knew who tragically died in car accidents due to the driver being under the influence of alcohol, and then there were those who overdosed. It’s was a tragedy then as it is now. Nothing has changed.

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