A Lump of Coal

Lookout Mt, Gibraltar to Mt. Jellore and Blue Mountains in the distance. A great spot for a coal mine? Why not, everything is up for grabs in Australia.

Interesting when you ask people with vested interests about coal. These are the same people who deny environmental damage caused by humans, and of course they say you cannot live without coal, it provides jobs, and the burning of fossil fuels has no impact on our climate.

Renowned scientists, with no financial interests, have very different ideas.  

Recently, I attended a public hearing on a new coal mine proposed in my local area.  92% of locals are against the mine, and those who were in favour, were either representatives of the coal mine, people who think they may get a job in the industry or else, people who are getting handouts from the company proposing the mine. 

We are not in a democracy when, the majority do not rule. We, the majority are needing to fight and sit in crowded ball rooms presenting our case. We have to lobby, spending an insurmountable amount of time and money fighting against these multi nationals, with limitless money.

Renowned Professor James Hansen described coal as “the single greatest threat to civilization and all life on our planet,” because of its uniquely damaging contributions to climate change including massive loss of biodiversity

What does Professor James Hansen have to gain from claiming an untruth?

Let’s examine the plans for up to nine new coal mega-mines in the previously unexploited Galilee Basin in Central Queensland.

If these mines proceed as planned, they could produce up to 330 million tonnes of coal, releasing an estimated 705 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, (more than Australia’s total annual domestic greenhouse gas emissions), that would contribute to a catastrophic global warming trajectory of up to 6 degrees Celsius.

The Australian Institute of Marine Science revealed that, notwithstanding World Heritage status, our Great Barrier Reef had lost more than half its coral cover in the preceding twenty-seven years.

The warnings from scientists and others have been coming for a very long time, and yet, for the most part, unless we are directly prevented from doing so, by for instance storms or other impacts associated with climate change, we’ve just gone on with our business as usual lives.

Money taken into consideration, these mega mines off the coast of the Great Barrier Reef appear all but a fait accompli.

What do you think? A reason for action? A reason for sacking the Governments making these decisions.

Do you think it appropriate for the current Prime Minister of Australia to walk into Parliament flaunting a lump of coal?

I care about my grandchildren. Do you have children, and what about their children?


Reference: The Coal Truth by David Ritter.

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