Aniseed Milk

The powdery snow drifted lazily, glittering a fairy-tale dream.

We raced from our beds so early, getting our gloves and hats.

Running with anticipation of the excitement ahead.

Jos rolling the biggest amount of snow.

We created the best magical figure we’ve seen.

It took hours for Jos to complete, due to the rest of us rats.

The four siblings, were watching from glass and lead.

Our fingers tingled and numb with the cold, that was long ago.

Looking at the snowman with satisfaction, the team.

Such childhood innocence, and congrats.

To our awe inspiring big brother, so marvellous and our head.

Afterwards, looking out the window, warm and not wanting to go.

Drinking hot aniseed milk, the end of day we saw only an icy blob, how mean.

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