The Elixir of Life

First published Australia 1966, people are still not listening

We cannot live on whisky alone, and not all of us like the taste of it in any case. We need water for our survival, surprisingly to some! I’ve not seen a koala or kangaroo enjoying a glass of whisky and therefore, even if you think we can survive on whisky, our wildlife cannot. 

The question is this. Can we exist without our wildlife? Well maybe, but I think not, everything relies on the circle of life, remember?

Most politicians who make the rules and decisions for us, seem to forget water is the essence of all life in Australia. Water is already scarce. I was surprised in outlying areas such as my own country towns of Berrima, Sutton Forest and Canyonleigh, there are farms with no town water. They rely on an aquifer that is under threat by a proposed new coal mine.

Then, there are towns that run out of water and/or their water is contaminated, and these people rely on bottled water. Yet our Government think coal mines, cotton irrigators and industry are all far more important than our water supply. Do you think this is acceptable? Perhaps when you turn the tap on, and no water comes out, or else the water is contaminated and you cannot drink it, then you will feel strongly about it? It’s a bit like, not in my backyard, so I do not care.

Think about the people who already have no water, or contaminated water and rely on supplies of bottled water to survive. This is totally unacceptable. And it is happening in a town near you. You may shrug this off and say well we need our industry, coal and cotton. More than our clean water? Do we? 

Human kind are very inventive, we can come up with solutions, but once we have no or undrinkable water, we have no life, remember that. We need to rally; we need to take action. We vote for Government based on whether a few people should remain on Manus Island. We vote on smoke-screen issues, clouding the real and difficult to solve issues. Throwing our scent into a different direction. Arguing about a few monetary handouts to placate the population. We are thinking about a one-off bonus, and forgetting about clean water, clean air and overpopulation. Forgetting about the worst land clearing the world has ever seen on our own shores. All in the name of the economy. It has to stop. Do you have grandchildren. No, well most of you will, and our grandchildren need to drink water and breathe clean air.

One thing for sure, I have been so ignorant on how important the ground aquifers really are. Our agriculture is reliant on water and it’s all threatened by fossil fuels at the end of the day. A few jobs, what a furphy, all will be automated and no jobs available in any case.

Discarded, tossers, what does it matter when there is no water

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