Gerard Henderson and his tax-exempt dining club

Bad skies, direct result of inaction due to society being dumbed down by vested interest media

A quote I read recently, sums up my opinion of Gerard Henderson to a tee: 

I don’t think this man Gerard Henderson believes his own lies because he can’t look anyone in the face when he’s talking his shit”.

Gerard Henderson dominates the Australian media, appearing on the ABC, YouTube and his [weekly column] in the Sydney Morning Herald, promoting his conservative / Libertarian, Liberal Party-aligned political agenda, rather than any sort of ‘non-partisan’ viewpoint. This is not journalism. 

The ABC invite people from all spectrums to give their two bobs’ worth, this man is given carte blanch opinions in the media not even pretending to be bi partisan. 

Gerard Henderson is an Australian author, columnist and conservative political commentator. He founded the Sydney Institute which claims to be a “privately funded, not-for-profit, current affairs forum, encouraging debate and discussion”, so the spiel goes. 

It proclaims to be “genuinely pluralist” covering “a wide and diverse range of views” but it’s two employees are happy to use its name to propound highly partisan perspectives in the Australian media.

The Sydney Institute’s Executive Director is Gerard Henderson and its Deputy Director, his wife Anne Henderson. (Oh yes and the Executive Assistant is Lalita Mathias).

When asked, Henderson said, “who funds the Institute is not relevant because the organisation does not lobby governments” and is very tight lipped about who throws money at his brainchild Institute. I say he should disclose donors to this conveniently formed NGO, in the public interest. 

Henderson claims his weekly column is “totally separate”, even though it identified him as being with the Institute.

What actually is the link between this man and the corporate supporters of the Sydney Institute, the majority of donors remain anonymous but what is certain, the Sydney Institute receives support from the Australian business community.

Henderson who has been a great supporter of Angus Taylor, publicly proclaiming that he is innocent regarding the doctored documents about Clover Moore’s figures on travel expenses, and yet, one of its board members is Angus Taylor’s wife, Louise Clegg.

Henderson has revealed that he is the man inside the Captain GetUp suit, using satire to discredit GetUp during the last Federal Election. Here he is, supporting the stifling of the public voice, because GetUp represents the people, they ask GetUp to distribute their petitions about things they are passionate about and ask for independent support from the general public. You on the other hand are the voice for the secret big business.

Examples of Gerard Henderson’s one-eyed support for the right wing, from what I can glean are:

Defending Peter Dutton over the au pair affair, revealing he contacted the minister himself over a visa for a family and thinks the whole episode is a media beat up.

When this world of vested interests is threatened, it seldom has immediate recourse to do violence, but Gerard as a true demon of smears and innuendoes with this sharp tongue and magic finger, comes forward first with his venom. Why? Because he wants this nationalist cause restrained and misunderstood by the public. The movement will grow Gerard Henderson, despite your one eyed opinion, people will wake up and people on the move are a force to be reckoned with.

There was this shredded receipt, support from two of Australia’s biggest companies and an unexplained $17,000 bonus for the boss.

Accounts for the Sydney Institute lodged with the corporate regulator provide an intriguing glimpse inside Henderson’s tax-exempt dining club. Henderson, who strongly pursues allegation of conflicts of interest in the media, has closely guarded the identity of the institute’s backers. The accounts though drop two very big names – Qantas Airways and Telstra Corporation. The pair are described as contributors rather than members. According to the account’s contributors provide the bulk of the institute’s total revenue of about $1.3 million.

Make no mistake, the Business lobby is powerful and vested interests are throwing a lot of money at our Government and we need to be aware of it in order for us to call ourselves a true democracy.

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