Where the Wild Things Are

The Wild Things, out there, invisible, important.
Shrouded with bushfire smoke
Overlooking Nattai National Park from Mount Gibraltar, Mittagong, NSW January 2020

Bob Brown Foundation sent an email to supporters, with a heartfelt thank you together with a desperate plea for our continued support of the projects that are closest to his heart.

In his usual pragmatic manner, Bob Brown laments our country and the catastrophic fire events right across Australia, continuing for the past seven months, with people feeling the impacts of the fires, the heatwaves and the air pollution. Wondering when this insanity will end. 

Bob Brown is a man of integrity. He has our country at heart. Bob is no longer in politics, he does not gain politically or financially by saving our forests, landscapes, environment and endangered species. In fact, his own family time and finances are compromised but he continues the fight. Why? He is passionate about the beauty of Australia.

With people in denial and at odds, the question is what if? 

What if we can make a difference, just with our combined little acts, and a united force, in order to save our old growth forests and stopping the world’s biggest environment destroying coal mine. 

Make no mistake, the Adani coal mine has far longer reaching ramifications for Australia and the world, not even taking into account the associated climate change we are facing due to our destructive ways. 

Leaving climate change out of the equation for the moment, the real possibility is the destruction of forests in Qld. And the destruction of the Great Artesian Basin in Qld., our precious water and seriously put at risk is our World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef.

Do you want to put all these things at risk over stupid corporate greed? That is all it is, it is NOT for economic greatness. We can easily do without these destructive projects.

In the meantime, we have our brave activists supported by the Bob Brown Foundation, pledging to continue campaigning, with little public attention and even less media coverage. The activists are pledging to continue with their campaign for Earth.

Our young people now are leading the way in drawing attention to their non acceptance of a destroyed planet and demanding a halt to Earth’s destruction, (which is essentially led by the fossil fuel greedy and self-centred corporations, government officials and the individuals who blindly follow along).

This year the fight will continue taking on loggers, polluters and fossil fuel profiteers. 

Currently the focus of Bob Brown Foundation is to defend the Tarkine forests on Sumac Ridge, in Tasmania, and will continue to campaign alongside the traditional owners to stop Adani. 

Standing in solidarity with the Wangan and Jagalingou Family Council who have been treated disgracefully as Adani moves in to trash their country and their culture. 

To this end, the new initiative has commenced, Adani Watch, which will shine a piercing light on the epic misdeeds of the Adani group and their litany of destructive projects around the globe.

Bob will be visiting the excoriated Adani mine site on Wangan and Jagalingou country. Gautam Adani’s parallel invasion of the Indian aboriginal people’s forests to strip mine, for coal, shows his contempt for human decency as well as the laws of nature.

Inspiring brave hearts sat in the Tarkine’s Sumac forests in 2019, and thousands more joined the Stop Adani Convoy, this is a signal that good people will get active where politics fail. 

We are becoming a growing force for the defence of wildlife, wilderness and natural habitats facing death by a thousand cuts says Bob Brown.

Protection of Tasmania’s takayna / Tarkine as a National Park, and to be returned to Aboriginal ownership continued as the main goal in 2019. 

The world’s second-largest tract of cool temperate rainforest, takayna / Tarkine is a critical carbon store that cools the planet and a wildlife park in this age of mass extinction. Hundreds of people helped stall the logging of ancient forests on Sumac Ridge in takayna in 2019 and these forest defenders held their ground over Christmas and into the New Year. 

The Sumac blockade has now been successfully defending these forests since early October 2019. For the fifth year running, Bob Brown Foundation hosted 100 scientists and citizens at their annual Tarkine BioBlitz, where 358 species were counted in three days of surveys.

Their Stop Adani Convoy was the biggest political action of the 2019 election campaign. Spanning three weeks and 7000 km, with a convoy of 1000 and 12 rallies activating 30,000 people, highlighting the coal mine as a contentious issue during the elections. 

The entire event was captured in the film and book CONVOY, which Bob, Jenny and filmmaker Matthew Newton toured through the Murray Darling Basin and hosted 13 CONVOY events in four states, engaging thousands more people in the campaign.

There is so much to do in 2020, from Adani to native forest protection to the Great Australian Bight.

None of this would be possible without you and the support you give so freely.

Footnote, Bob Brown Foundation:

“Our hearts were gladdened this year by the intelligent defiance of Earth’s destruction by youngsters around the planet, not least in Australia. 

Our Foundation will continue to respond by taking the loggers, polluters and fossil fuel profiteers on wherever we can in 2020. 

You are inspiring. That so many Braveheart’s sat in the Tarkine’s Sumac forests in 2019, and thousands more joined the Stop Adani Convoy, is a signal that good people will get active where politics fails. 

The generosity of thousands more made our feisty foundation a potent and growing force for the defence of wildlife, wilderness and natural habitats facing death by a thousand cuts. Making all this happen: a wonderful staff, an array of generous volunteers and an enthusiastic, talented board. Thank you all! Roll on the 2020s”.

In my youth, this area was abundant with magnificent flora and fauna, much reduced today
Looking out over Alexandra Reserve, Welby, NSW January 2020
Where the Wild Things Are. Overlooking Nattai National Park, where we are supposed to be protecting our natural heritage.
From a Bush Calendar by Amy E. Mack 1909
Flannel Flower abundant and resplendent. Now a protected species.
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